Taking the Extra Mile

Mr. Reekrit Serai is efficiently spearheading the Satluj Group of Schools. Here’s how!

What gravitated you towards the field of education? Is this something that you always wanted to do?

I’ve worked in the corporate sector, media, publishing, finance and technology industries, but I didn’t find any of it as fulfilling as education. After travelling extensively, I realised that I was, in fact, a teacher at heart. My earliest ambition while being a teenager was to write a book, which I did pretty soon. An author is also a teacher. That’s how it began, I feel. Fortunately, my family has been into education for more than 7 decades and I got the opportunity to take up this amazing line of work.

Tell us more about your institution and your indispensable role in spearheading it?

I’m the Director & Dean of Satluj Group of Schools, one of the most reputed educational K-12 groups from Upper North India. My role involves academic, administration and operational work, which basically encompasses everything you do to run a successful school.

Some people often misunderstand running a chain of Schools as overseeing the management of them. That’s wrong. We’re literally in the classrooms, buses, front offices, grounds, etc every day making sure that Satlujians are getting the best quality education they deserve and beyond.

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