“Stay Healthy and Be Happy!”

Presenting an exclusive interview with Dr Gaurav Maheshwari, Gastroenterologist, Paras Hospital, Panchkula about his trailblazing journey

“Always dream high, work hard for it and things will work out if your efforts are genuine,” a staunch believer of this doctrine, Dr Gaurav Maheshwari received these words of wisdom from his father at a very young age which eventually proved to be the beacon of light in his life. Born in Bhopal, Dr Maheshwari moved to Punjab at the age of three when his parents decided to relocate in the search of a job.   “Whatever I am today, I owe it to my family. My parents in building up my values ever since childhood, my wife supporting me every time I lost hope, my younger brother standing beside me through the thick & thin and my children for acclimatizing to the daily routine of doctor kids,” he shared with a smile on his face. We speak to him further about what motivated him to take the plunge and his experience in this trailblazing journey.

Why have you dedicated your career to Gastroenterology?

I always wanted to be a surgeon. While I initially thought that I would become a cardiac surgeon, destiny had something else in store. I shifted to laparoscopic and surgical gastroenterology because of my teacher and mentor, Dr Jayaram Shenoy in Mangalore.

Advancements like laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, liver surgery and transplant were just budding in 2006 when I completed my MS. I was quite excited to get into the specialty of Surgical Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary surgery and this brought me to Mumbai where I completed my super specialization from one of the most reputed hospitals. I was fortunate enough to be awarded Gold Medal by then Health Minister of India, Sh Ghulam Nabi Azad and Lok Sabha speaker, Smt Meera Kumar in 2011. Ever since then I and my team have established a department dedicated to minimally invasive surgeries and advanced surgeries related to gastroenterology and liver diseases. I am proud to be associated with a dedicated team of doctors where we see patient as a whole and not just a candidate for surgery. This holistic approach has led us to many successful surgeries in this region.

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