Spearheading Liqo

India’s first and only Open Box electronics chain

Bringing a revolution to the Electronics industry in India, Liqo is on a mission to make people’s dreams come true and making people believe in open box electronics with their transparency policy. Lokesh Mittal, Co-Founder, Liqo talks to Urban Melange about his journey and how the idea of Liqo was born.

Tell us something about yourself and your journey till now. 

A successful business strategy veteran for the past 16 years I have co-founded and managed several successful retail ventures that continue to operate seamlessly till date. I am an entrepreneurial specialist with my expertise lying in everything to do with products and processes. Currently, I am the CEO and B2B Strategic Alliances head for Liqo, a discounted electronics appliances outlet. 

What gave you the idea for Liqo? What gap does the brand fill? 

Back in 2018, me and my co-founder Satvir, Gaurav and Varinder were introduced to the concept of Open box goods. That is when my research for establishing Liqo began. Together we traveled across the length and breadth of the country and discovered the concept and untapped potential of Liquidation business and how unaware were consumers. After speaking to a couple of industry experts, we realized the unorganized nature of the open box electronics segment and decided to jump in and change the narrative with a couple of calculated investments. What started as a 2500 sq ft. garage store with an initial capital of 50 Lakhs is now a pioneer brand across 8 cities and 90,000 sq ft, crossing a turnover of 50 Crores! Every Indian Household is always on the lookout for the next big sale to purchase heavy investment electronics. Liqo has totally disrupted that segment by not just providing savings but also quality and service.  

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