Spearheading Fashion Trends

The journey of Eldbergg which started in 2013, is today a brand to reckon with magnificence and versatility. So, we speak to their owner, Rami to get an insider’s view into the victorious voyage!

When did it click that this was the right profession for you? Describe the dynamics of your career so far?

Honestly speaking, I don’t know exactly when and how Eldbergg turned into a fashion house. From a very young age, I used to sketch and design mine and my mother’s dresses. I even dyed my suits from old pieces of clothing. It was never intentional to turn my passion into a profession, but eventually, I started on a very small scale and things just took off, for which I feel blessed.

Regarding the professional dynamics, Eldbergg is always focusing on making the workplace friendlier so as to gain increased productivity and enhanced employee performances.

What according to you distinguishes your work from all the others in the same domain as yours?

I have always deemed innovation and novelty to be of paramount importance while creating something. Apart from this, customer satisfaction and timely delivery of the orders have always been my utmost priority. This I believe has helped Eldbergg make a distinction from the rest.

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