“Slow and Steady Wins the Race”

The budding next generation of Barnala BuilderS, Mr Saurabh Aggarwal is carrying the baton forward in introducing new and innovative strategies for Sales & Marketing

The entrance of Mr Saurabh Aggarwal into the family business has strengthened the arms of his family and added a new thinking dimension to the projects he his leading from the front.

He is currently engaged in Sales & Marketing of Barnala Builders residential and commercial projects. As a person, he is a fast learner and agile in his approach. Mr Aggarwal’s marketing innovation has added a lot to his projects and investors.

What inspired you to take the professional plunge in real estate? Have the industry standards met your expectations?

I am the second generation entrepreneur in my family. I have followed my righteous hierarchy by stepping in the Real estate sector. Coming from the family of Barnala Builders, a lot of mechanics and basics were clear to me right from my early childhood. I have always been aspired by the dynamics of this industry. I wanted to explore the commercial sector in Zirakpur as I could gather the value it would bring to this city.

The way industry standards are rising in the real estate industry, it is on its way to becoming an organized sector. With the advent of RERA guidelines, there is a big boost to transparency for customers regarding project and product information. The approvals for the projects are now faster than before and this helps us take a confident step forward.

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