Skin-care trends to look forward to in 2022

Shahnaz Husain

The hangover of the pandemic has influenced beauty and skincare trends. For one thing, people are much more conscious of their own good health and wellbeing. This has increased the demand for ‘green’ cosmetics or environment-friendly cosmetics. According to an expert, “Green cosmetics refer to beauty products that are sourced, produced, and packaged in an ethical and sustainable way that’s kind to the planet.” In other words, eco-friendly products are those that do not harm the environment in any way. They do not lead to pollution or toxicity of the environment. Organic and herbal beauty care is already popular, and the demand is bound to increase. Throughout my career, I have been emphasizing the importance of the health of the skin. In my articles, I have stressed the fact that skincare should be according to skin type and the specific needs of the skin. This year there will be further emphasis on using products according to the needs of the skin.

During the pandemic, home beauty care also became popular. People were at home; beauty salons were closed. DIY treatments became popular. We were also selling more skincare kits online so that people could follow beauty care at home with these 5 steps or 7 steps facial skincare kits. There is also an increase in awareness of the need to protect the skin. So, an increasing rise in the use and sale of sunscreens, sunblock products, and protective creams is predicted. This trend is very much like our sandalwood cover cream, which acts as a protective base for make-up. In other words, it can work as a foundation and also protect the skin. Sunscreens and protective creams are being recommended by skincare experts, dermatologists and doctors, so they are bound to be a popular skincare trend during 2022.

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