Serving life’s elixir

Harmandeep Singh Birgi from Springwell enlightens Urban Mélange on the finer aspects of the region’s leading packaged drinking water brand

Amolak Singh Grewal

Our society tells us that serving water is a virtue. Then the folks over at Springwell are certainly virtuous since they have been the leading packaged mineral water brand across Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Himachal Pradesh since 1998.

Established by Surjit Singh who moved to Chandigarh from Kanpur in 1984 after being displaced due to riots in the region, the company began its journey as a trader and wholesaler of marble, granite, and other such materials used in construction. Today it is his son Harmandeep Singh Birgi who sits at the helm and whilst the trading arm is still operational, it is in packaged mineral water along with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms that the company holds a strong regional presence. Urban Mélange had the opportunity to peek into the mind of the young entrepreneur.

Q: When did you take charge at Springwell and what innovations did you oversee?

A: I joined the company in 2010 after completing my graduation in plastic engineering. This provided me with the technical know-how that allowed us to integrate the manufacturing of PET bottles at our flagship plant. Eventually bringing down costs to increase profits, it also turned out to be a practical and profitable decision as we established an additional business vertical — selling preforms and molds required for bottle-manufacturing and bottling purposes in the region.

Q: What other innovations in the industry have come from Springwell?

A: Establishing groundbreaking trends is an old habit of the company. We were the first to launch 20 liters jugs for packaged mineral water in the region — introduced over 20 years ago. We also established a trend in personal water consumption within the region. Packaged mineral water went from being a luxury limited to weddings and other large social gatherings, to a necessary part of our lives. It is no longer limited to when on the move, and even within homes it is normal to use packaged mineral water for personal consumption.

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