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‘Sara fuels me with inspiration’ – Sanjeev Juneja

A seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Sanjeev Juneja fell in love at first sight with his wife, Sara. The brand machine of the Indian FMCG Industry is known for his business acumen and brands like Kesh King, Roop Mantra, Dr. Ortho, etc. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about his better half and how he balances his professional and personal life.

How did both of you meet? What’s your story?

It was during one of the routine visits to my sister’s college that my eyes landed on Sara. It was love at first sight. The more I visited the college, the more I felt drawn towards Sara. Her innocence, beauty, and heart-warming presence filled my heart with love and care. The very first time I noticed her, in my mind, I was resolute that she was the one with whom I wanted to undertake the journey of my life forward. During the initial days, the circumstances were not conducive so I couldn’t say anything to her. But thereafter, I started to frequently visit my sister’s college to drop off and pick her up owing to which I somehow approached Sara and gave her a love letter and that jump-started a beautiful chapter of love in my life.

How did parenthood change your marriage?

Entering parenthood was no less than getting a much-awaited promotion in our lives. It filled us with joy, hope, blessings, and somewhat of an underlined nervousness as well. Now it wasn’t just about Sara and me, it was about the four of us. Our journey of learning to understand our personalities as parents and making the required improvements for our kids keeps us excited and going. We started as a team, work as a team, and hope to do the same in the future as well.

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