Rookies: Spearheading Fashion Trends

A tale about putting fashion in the context of the larger world of denims!

The journey of Rookies was established in 2009 by Finesse Fashion Pvt. Ltd., launched with men’s premium denims in the domestic market, with the primary motive of putting fashion in the context of the larger world of denims.

Pushing the boundaries continuously, experimenting innovations and product development with a young team had led to a strong following. Distinct attitude with an iconic style is the creative vision of Rookies, for their jeans takes you to the next level of premium fashion clothing.

A Denim Connoisseur

Active contribution has turned the brand into an efficiently structured enterprise that has carved out a successful niche for itself in the fashion market. Rookies is a denim connoisseur who likes a glamorous, sophisticated look with an urban touch and a casual feel to it.

Rookies has a consistently fresh, creative attitude that allows for an innovative look in which denim is mixed and matched with fashion items, for a collection in which every single piece is to die for.Inspiration is drawn from rich and dynamic environment overtime which refines sense of style that gains character overtime with age and use. Rookies jeans demonstrates the depth of finesse fashion approach to design.

Rookies Jeans are made by Finesse Fashions Pvt Ltd, India’s largest producers & suppliers of Men’s Denims. Finesse is a part of Denimach, an international fashion production house based in Bangladesh, recognized as a leader in quality and experimentation.

With availability in various Lifestyle Stores as well as prominent Multi Brand Outlets PAN India, Rookies has recently launched its first flagship store in Bangladesh.

Design Philosophy

The aesthetic designs philosophy of this brand intends to create contemporary interpretations of Denim, ultimately built on their vision of the perfect fit, feel and appearance.

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