Roohi’s World – Where Style Speaks

Embarking on a journey through the realms of fashion, luxury, and wanderlust, here’s a conversation with Roohi (@roohi33), a captivating influencer, as she unveils the art of seamlessly blending style and substance on her Instagram canvas.

What inspired you to delve into the world of fashion, luxury, and travel as an influencer?

I was always driven by the fashion and film industries. This medium has given me creative freedom. It’s a great platform to inspire others and bring about a change in their lives. Using this platform, you can teach, motivate, and enable people to reconsider their choices. It gives you an opportunity to connect with recognized brands and promote their products.

How do you curate your content to seamlessly blend your experiences on your Instagram feed?

One should know their audience. You want to make sure your content is what your audience expects to see. Curation is a valuable strategy. It’s a way to provide extra value to your followers while highlighting your own expertise. I select only the best content to share with my audience. My curation is from trusted, relevant sources that stay true to my audience.

Chandigarh is known for its unique culture. How does the city influence your style and content creation?

Chandigarh is my hometown. It’s a melting pot of diverse cultures. The city has a contemporary, sophisticated, classy, yet chic fashion sense that completely matches my personal style. I love the aesthetics of the cafes and lounges here. I like incorporating elements from my city into my content.

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