Reaching Every Home

 “Do it with all your heart or don’t do it at all,” staunchly believes Alokika Khurana, Founder, The Kitchen Lover’s

What started with the honest ideology of following the heart eventually led Alokika Khurana to lay the foundation stone of The Kitchen Lover’s, an idea surrounding the image of a homely café.

With all dishes cooked with love, TKL has many different types of sandwiches in house, ranging from grilled and open/coleslaw sandwiches. The TKL menu currently has around 35 recipes that are taught and this list is continuously growing and being loved!

A Visionary Approach

As time went on, we found that the skill of cooking at home is fading away. This is where TKL comes into place – reaching every home, making the chef of your home believe that they can cook well,” shared Khurana.
I envision TKL to be a large platform that evolves into a cloud kitchen, along with providing culinary classes and hamper customisation services. Our long-term goals focus on sustainable development viz zero hunger, sustainable cooking, zero-waste cooking, and women empowerment,” she further added.

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