Rajasthan’s Artistic Luxury Gifting Pioneers

In the heart of Rajasthan, Anupam and Ruchita Bansal, co-founders of Izzhaar, blend tradition and innovation in bespoke luxury gifting. Ruchita, a Rajasthan native, embodies the region’s creativity. Their journey together led to Izzhaar, where creativity shines through, illuminating luxury gifting, one heartfelt gesture at a time.

What inspires your unique and distinctive approach to invitations and gifting solutions?

Anupam Bansal (AB): Our approach is inspired by a blend of art, emotions, and personalization. Nature’s beauty, fine art, and cultural diversity are our muses, and we infuse these elements into our designs. Emotions play a pivotal role; we aim to evoke joy, anticipation, and connection through our work. Personalization is at the core, as every invitation and gift should reflect the recipient’s personality and the occasion’s significance. This holistic approach, rooted in creativity and empathy, guides us to craft unforgettable experiences.

What role does creativity play in your design process?

Ruchita Bansal (RB): Creativity is the driving force of our design process. It fuels our ability to envision innovative solutions and think beyond conventional boundaries. It sparks inspiration, leading us to explore diverse perspectives, styles, and ideas. Creativity allows us to break free from rigid constraints, fostering a dynamic and adaptable approach to design challenges. It encourages experimentation, pushing us to iterate and refine concepts until they evolve into unique, compelling designs. Ultimately, creativity infuses passion and purpose into our work, fostering originality and artistic expression. It’s the driving force behind every successful design we create.

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