‘A Positive Attitude kept us strong’

By Nikita Agarwal

Started by two young and passionate brothers, Founders, Sunveer Sondhi, CEO, Pyramid and Sumeer Sondhi, COO Pyramid made sure to transform the way people dine with world-class hospitality experience. With their innovative approach and dedication to give the best hospitality, they have achieved a number of milestones in such a short span of time. 2020 didn’t drag their spirits down but made sure that they work harder and dream bigger. Started from a small town Ambala, they have spread their wings to in different parts of not only the country but even the world. We talked to the founders, Pyramid to know about their vision and what kept them strong in the pandemic-hit year 2020 and where do they plan to go next.

When did you start with The Pyramid and what was your vision when you began?

We started in the year 2013 with our first outlet, Pyramid in a small town Ambala. We gave life to the city by giving it exposure to world-class dining experience. It was started after Sunveer Sondhi came back from China after 7 years in the year 2012. The younger brother Sumeer Sondhi also joined him in the journey with an open mindset of experimenting on new things in the hospitality industry. With a background of liquor business in the family, the two brothers knew about the nuances of being entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. We value commitment to quality in both our products and services. Our customer service and our management team are our backbone and our only vision is to make Brand Pyramid a premium party destination in India and around the world.

What was the toughest nut to crack for your industry with the Covid-19 situation in the year 2020?

Hospitality industry was extremely influenced by this Pandemic in year 2020. To run the business along the guidelines such as Lockdown, Night-Curfew, Maintaining social distancing, restrictions on mass gatherings etc, given by the government was leathery tough for the whole industry but we accepted the challenge.

Can you tell us something about the Pyramid VIP Mobile App?

Firstly, to maintain hygiene and reduce the chances of contamination via menu cards, we ask our customers to order food through the Pyramid VIP Mobile App. It is easy for the customer to view the menu through the application and place their orders as it is built using the latest technology and smooth user-interface. One can also order food directly to their doorstep through this application and pay via the secured payment gateway. It comprises of the complete food and drinks menu with several offers & deals. One can also reserve the table for dine-in at Pyramid outlets.

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