Priyanka Sethi

Makeup Artist 

Hailing her roots from the Capital of the country, Priyanka Sethi completed her post graduation in Psychology honors and a Master degree in Management from the City Beautiful. However, her managerial skills were actually put to good use when she gave wings to her creative instincts & zeal.

Before marriage, she worked with professional colleges as a lecturer and after getting married, she earned a living in Singapire. Eventually, the adorable-duo settled in Ludhiana and they are blessed with two girl angels, Tehzeeb and Ayda.

“I was always attracted to the power of makeup and the beauty it can create. There is no time to enter into beauty business and every time is the right time. It’s in its growth status and there is a lot of scope in this field. An artist’s skills and expertise go where he/she goes. There is a great demand in the field of makeup artistry and its touching new highs. It’s the innovation and growth of the business that has always attracted me towards this field,” says Priyanka about her venture into the beauty industry.

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