Playing with make-up since childhood

Some plan their career path, whereas some are born with it. Make-up is such an art, that one needs to have the finesse and understanding of each stroke. One such artist is Seerjana Munjral Kalra who treats her brand Makeup by Seerjana like her baby. In an interesting conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about her brides and her brand.

When talent is gifted by God, your interest in that field is developed during your childhood days. Seerjana Munjral Kalra has a similar story and her love for make-up and the make-up product goes back to her childhood. Talking about her journey, she says, “this brand is all heart and love. Growing up other girls used to play with dolls, I played with makeup. I had more makeup than toys while growing up. I would ask for makeup as gifts for my birthdays. So, when I finally finished my MBA and master’s in mass comm I was allowed to go for a makeup course in London. And the rest is history. That is how my journey began.”

When your profession is born through passion and love, it is bound to mean everything to you, and this is the kind of job that everyone dreams of. When asked about what make-up means to her, she says, “since I have always been really fond of makeup, it really is my happy place. There’s something magical about the interplay of colors and textures and I love playing with them.

It might not be all like a fairytale and while starting up a business, one has to go through various challenges and roadblocks. “The biggest challenge was to find the right people for my brand. In terms of my team and the right clientele, like-minded brides who want to look the best version of themselves and do not want to be caked up and garnished. Thankfully, I have been able to build a great team and like-minded brides automatically gravitate towards my work,” says Seerjana.

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