Pics narrate a tale of love

With pre-wedding shoots there are infinite numbers of possibilities to depict the bond of love that the couple shares
Love is a beautiful feeling and marriage is the bond that makes that love stronger. Pre-wedding shoots beautifully capture the feelings that a couple share.

The primary concern for a pre-wedding shoot is the location. The entire set up should gel well with the couple’s appearances and dress. The couple exudes sparks of love, passion and romance and my aim is to capture that essence of the moment in as vivid and lively a way as possible.

Every mood and feeling needs different themes and props. If the location goes wrong, the whole essence of the picture is lost. The concept behind the shoot draws the entire inspiration from the moment and the place itself. With pre-wedding shoots, there are infinite numbers of possibilities to depict the love and the bond that the couple shares and each picture narrates a tale in itself.

These shoots give a chance to the couples to live their fairytale dreams. A couple has a lot of fantasies about their dream partner and these shoots make them live up to that moment.

The location can make the couple look like larger than life. Popular locations like marketplaces and tourist spots etc. make the perfect backdrop. The set up also ranges from lakesides, forts, gardens, riverbeds to romantically lit up evening settings that create a fantastic aura of intimacy and fondness. Mostly the pre-wedding shoots recite the beautiful saga of how the couple met and fell in love – all this in the form of a series of pictures.