‘Perfection is Luxury’

With females excelling in every industry, it is the men also who are making their mark in the industries which were once believed to be dominated by females. Professionals like Jai Babbar, who is passionate and dedicated towards this art form of perfect are making this path easier for other aspiring male make-up artists. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about his journey as a make-up artist.

Q. Tell us about your brand and your journey

I started my journey in 2010 and now I have brand which goes from the name of ‘Jai Babbar Professional makeup artist‘.  After working in Bollywood for a while I decided to come back to Amritsar as it’s my hometown and I think there’s no better place to thrive than in your own hometown. It was my time to give back to the place which is just so close to my heart.

Q. Describe make-up in five words. What does it mean to you?

Confidence, Elegance, Passion, Beauty and love. Already pretty portrait just in need of a splash of glitter, that ‘splash of glitter’ is makeup for me.

Q. What was the biggest challenge while you were working towards setting up your brand?

Being a male in what is believed to be a female dominated industry especially in our country was a challenge for me. But I was clear about what I wanted to do, and I did it despite all the hurdles on the way.

Q. What do you plan to achieve in the near future?

I am on a learning path, and I am open to grabbing any opportunity that comes my way. I plan to keep learning and growing as I move ahead in my journey.

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