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Perfect Destinations for your Summer Escape

As the scorching heat of the Indian summer sets in, the urge to escape to cooler climates becomes almost irresistible. For travelers from India, the summer months offer a perfect opportunity to explore breathtaking destinations across the globe. Whether you seek tranquil beaches, picturesque mountains, or vibrant cityscapes, there’s a destination waiting to enchant you. Here are some irresistible picks for your summer getaway:


Picture-perfect landscapes, pristine lakes, and snow-capped peaks make Switzerland a dream destination for Indian travelers seeking respite from the summer heat. From the charming cities of Zurich and Lucerne to the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps, every corner of this country exudes natural splendor and tranquility. Don’t miss indulging in some Swiss chocolates and exploring the iconic Matterhorn peak.

Best time to visit: April to October

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