‘On Air’ with the gems of MY FM

Coming to their stations, bursting with energy and ideas, Radio Jockeys have something new for their audiences every day. Where some start your day with their cheerful voice and charisma, others might make you smile when you are feeling dull and low. We all have heard these RJs spreading joy through their voice. Where some always wanted to choose this path as their career, it happened by chance for others. MY FM, Punjab’s leading radio station has a number of quirky gems in their team. Nikita Agarwal talks to some of the RJs from MY FM about their journey and their everyday experiences.


Q1.You are Tricity’s most favourite RJ. How did you reach to no. 1 and how difficult is to maintain that position?

Ans1. Citizens of Tricity have crowned me number one and I am humbled that they have singled me out as the most favourite.  It did take a lot to achieve this position, not an overnight success as many would assume. Over 15 years of consistent hard work, dedication and commitment driven by passion. This passion, in turn was fueled by my listeners. Continuous unlearning and re- learning, variety in content and striking the right emotional chord have been my tools. Achieving the number one position is easier; it is the sustenance which is tougher. 15 years back I started my RJ journey with a night show and then decided to shift to the morning show. Not only this, I also changed my radio station, which did create a lot of pressure. However, I kept at it; relentlessly. Consistency and constantly changing myself as per what the city and my listeners demanded.

Q2. How do you re-invent and re-innovate everyday?

Ans 2.We are not competing with other radio stations only but we are competing with OTT Platforms, content on all modes such as music channels, websites, music portals. Re-inventing yourself every now and then comes into play so you have to change according to the taste of your audience. Our audience is continuously evolving and so are its tastes. I use a tool called RUM in my show: R means relevant, U means Unique and M means Mass Appeal. You have to be relevant all the time. What you are talking about, people should be able to relate to it. Uniqueness in content and campaigns makes them far more engaging and entertaining. For example,  Cyclegiri where people traded driving cars to cycling to be healthier and Ek Rakhi Fauji Ke Naam in which lakhs of ‘rakhis’ came in from the listeners and I took all those to the border for our ‘fauji’ brethren. Listeners love these innovations and also fuel further out of the box thinking. Mass Appeal is that one’s content should be consumed and loved by everybody.

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