New waves of teaching

Reekrit Serai, Managing Director of Satluj Group of Schools, enlightens us about the changing tides in the education industry, while meeting expectations of students, parents and those of his own pedigree

Amolak Singh Grewal

Education is serious business – the industry continues to grow rapidly. Education is also an interdisciplinary space necessary for human advancement, thus, cannot be obsolete. But it doesn’t mean education is free from scrutiny. Eminent educationists will argue that it is one of the most difficult industries to flourish in – expectations are too high, there is a lot that doesn’t meet the eye, and amongst others the skills required to correctly manage your staff as well as students are far too important.

With the mention of eminent educationists, many names come to mind and the world recently lost another important figure in this domain. S. Pritam Singh Serai was a visionary who touched more lives than an individual can even comprehend. His contribution to Indian society and to education globally cannot be ignored. Coming from modest upbringings in rural Punjab, he was part of a handful of Indian professors teaching at any foreign university post 1947. Invited back home by dignitaries and bureaucrats to open a school in Chandigarh, Sh. Pritam Singh Serai established Satluj Public School in 1976 as the Chandigarh region’s first private, independent school.

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