Mr. Vipul Dua

Managing Director (M.D), Purple Restaurant Private Limited; Peddlers

Ever since childhood, Mr. Vipul Dua was crystal clear about his aim to pursue a professional degree in the Hospitality Industry. “Hotels and Restaurants with their finesse, special ambience and culinary etiquette always captivated my attention even as a child. More so, I was in my 2nd grade at school when my Father opened a Hotel in Chandigarh, Hotel Heritage, in Sector 35 which has been the robust pedestal from where Purple Rice and Peddlers have emanated,” he reminisces.

He further adds, “Even as a teenager, I was regularly involved with my father’s business trying to brain storm, evolve and kick-start fresh ideas, innovating while trying to swiftly gauge operations and human resource. While in class 12th, I had my first stint at formal training in the restaurant industry wherein I worked as a trainee in Pizza Hut in Sector 26, when it had newly opened. That job continues to hold a special place in my heart as not only did I earn my first official salary with it, it gave me invaluable pioneer experience at waiting tables, customer interaction and services.”

Vipul completed his schooling from BhavanVidyalaya, Sector 26, Chandigarh, and henceforth, went on to pursue a professional degree in Hospitality and Management degree from IIMT, Institute for International Management & Technology, Delhi affiliated to Oxford Brooks University, London.

My mission as a hotel management graduate was all through my education to create a brand of my own. Requisite work experience and education in Delhi, opened my gateway to the beautiful and exquisite food & beverage industry with its specialized culinary food; and thus was conceived the idea for Purple Rice, in Sector 35, when I got back home, in the year 2007. I was back in the city, ready to put my passion into practice. Purple rice formally introduced me as an upscale restaurateur in my home base, wherein I developed my clientele, customer relations, and learnt practical tactics and tricks of the trade. In 2010, I mobilized resources and my carefully gathered experience to launch, an English Pub, Peddlers. Herein, our company also renovated the entire theme of Hotel Heritage into a British boutique hotel,” avers Vipul.

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