Mela Phulkari 6

Here’s the wake up call!

Continuing their annual tradition of MelaPhulkari, 2019 brings with itself the Sixth edition. MelaPhulkari 6 revolves around the Awakening of Panjab i.e. “JaagoPanjab.”

Say co-founders of the Delhi-based conceptual brand 1469, Harinder Singh and Kirandeep Kaur, “Time has come for Panjab to wake up and face 2019 head on, and show the world what it is capable of.” The word “Jaago” is also synonymous with a wedding tradition of waking up the community of a new bride as she readies to enter a new phase of life.

The curator of the Mela, DrAlkaPande, highlights how women have held an important position within the social and cultural life of Panjab since time immemorial. Along with the traditional of musical performance of Jaago, phulkari is synonymous with the newly bride, who not just inherits her mother’s phulkari, but also learns the craft from her, adds Pande.

“2019 is also the year when we celebrate 550 years of Guru Nanak Devji’s coming. Guru Nanak was a revolutionary of his times as he brought about an awakening in the society with his concept of no rituals, no superstitions, no caste, no aayo, woman remarriage, hard work, sharing, and langar. And we, at MelaPhulkari want to highlight the beauty and importance of our first Guru’s teachings,” they add.

These strong topics are being converted into a series of art installations brought together by various designers along with the team of 1469 . Each work of art has a story to narrate through the theme of #JaagoPanjab.

Like the previous years, we intend to release edition of our MelaPhulkari Journal highlighting these themes through short stories, articles and poems, informs Harinder.

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