Meet The Microbrewery Moguls!

More than 12 years after pioneering the region’s first microbrewery, Amritanshu Agrawal and Priyanka Gupta reflect on their love for work, travel, and more.

Amolak Singh Grewal

The tricity is synonymous with its culture of microbreweries — a sub-space present in the food and beverage industry that has witnessed exponential growth in the last decade across the country.

But long before anybody had even heard of the term microbrewery, husband and wife duo Amritanshu Agrawal and Priyanka Gupta were pioneers of craft beer in the region. Since 2011, this infectiously cheerful couple has been educating the masses on how craft brews are better than the stuff you get off the shelf. Their journey together has been difficult, full of highs and lows. But they are stronger than ever, with three successful outlets beloved by patrons for the deliciousness of their craft brews, excellence in service, and yummy cuisine. Here’s a rare insight into the life of this pleasant power couple.

Tell us about your business?

Amritanshu: Hops N Grains was the first microbrewery of the tricity and perhaps even the upper northern region. At the time, it was the fourth of its kind microbrewery in India. Today, it is India’s second oldest surviving microbrewery brand having completed 12 years in December 2022.

Priyanka: We also run two additional outlets — The Great Bear in Sector 26 Chandigarh, which completed 7 years in January 2023, and Hops N Grains Sector 79 Mohali, which opened doors in the monsoon of 2021.

How do you complement each other professionally?

Priyanka: Amritanshu has a knack for technicalities that I cannot even comprehend. All three of our breweries run on a backend system that was coded by him. Other important systems related to administration and finances were also implemented and are supervised by him.

Amritanshu: Priyanka has a temperament for socialising, marketing, creativity, and such. I may have coded our backend systems, but I still do not know how to use Instagram. Which is why she looks after our marketing, social media, public relations, and other important aspects of keeping the brands visible.

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