Making Wedding a Fairytale Setting

Fashion connoisseur, Meenakshi Monga traces her journey in curating the best wedding attire ever!

When did it click that this was the right profession for you? Describe the dynamics of your career so far?

We truly believe in making people’s special moments memorable and our visualization of a garment for those special moments is what inspired us to take up this profession. Converting the dreams into a reality, our garments are for all the beautiful occasions.

What according to you distinguishes your work from all the others in the same domain as yours?

We listen, think and then do the whole process of a client garment. People come to us with their requirements and a lot of their faith and we put their visualization on their garment and their trust level goes one lot up in us.

How do you assess the success of each of your events?

With every event of ours, we see our own growth with our client’s appreciation of our work. I staunchly believe that this field is a constant learning experience and we believe in learning and getting better with each passing day. It is certainly our dedication and hard work which leads us to success.

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