Making History

An epitome of perseverance & fine understanding of photography aesthetics, City Beautiful based photographer, Rajesh Yadav sets Guinness World Record on Mount Everest

By: Bhavya Gaind

The journey for Rajesh Yadav, which started over a decade ago with picking up photography as a hobby & passion soon became a reality, when his fine understanding of photography nuances, skills and technicalities were recognized by his brother, Mr. Dinesh Shukla.

“I started my journey as a freelance photographer with various media houses and eventually, I realized that it was my inner-calling. For all this while, my brother, Dinesh has been the beacon of light in my life for unconditionally supporting me in all my endeavors,” informs Yadav.

He further adds, “When I moved to Chandigarh in 2004, Mr. Naresh Maddan & Mr. Mandeep Puri always supported me through the thick & thin and guided me in the right direction to help me lead the path selflessly and do absolute justice to this art of photography.”

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