Luxury its benchmark, healthy living its major highlight: Marbella Grand

What better could you ask from a developer than 20 years of research and about three decades of first-hand experience in construction!                    

By Nimrat Kaur Narang

culmination of luxury and comfort that transcend benchmarks others have spent decades to build. Marbella Grand provides a picturesque view to the residents in the embrace of world class architecture and the harmony of nature. In conversation with Director Shiv Aggarwal, Director Rajesh Walia and  Bharat Aggarwal, CEO of SRG India Group (The Parent Company) who’s unmatched leadership and eye for luxury have shaped the corners of a dream project, of fine living.

What inspired you to take the professional plunge in real estate? Have the industry standards met your expectations?

“After gaining an immensely rich experience of being associated with real estate brands for several decades, I gathered my resources and my knowledge to introduce the niche lifestyle offered by “MARBELLA GRAND” to tricity”, says Shiv Aggarwal, Director SRG India Group.

There was a time when Roti, Kapra and Makaan (Food, Clothing and Housing) were the necessities of life; today the demands and expectations of people have grown multifold, so much that everyone wants to wear an international brand, eat multi cuisine and want to live in a home of their dreams. “Our mission is to provide and promote upscale apartment living culture in tricity. Marbella Grand is developed to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious. The SRG India Group , is dedicated to the highest standards, systems and performance necessary to fulfill all of  your practical needs”, adds Shiv Aggarwal.

And so far the industry is doing pretty well. The market hasn’t completely matured as yet, leaving immense scope for variations. Hence, leaving a huge scope for developers to bring much more to the table. In a fully mature market there is not much price difference between a property in the city and the one situated on the outskirts of it. I think together, the market is evolving and so are the people.

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