Love v/s Lust

Is it okay to date someone new but return to your former lover for sex? Umm..

“To have a perfect relationship you must connect with your partner at four levels – Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual.”

Physical intimacy is a very important part of any relationship and lack of enjoyable sex or physical attraction leads to major differences in even the most stable relationships.

The only disadvantage of having the best sex of your life is a high expectation from the sex that comes afterwards. A major part of having over one relationship in your life is experiencing intimacy with different partners (and comparing them is indeed natural). But the major question is – Is the shadow of past- sex enough to ruin you for future partners? If the answer is yes, you’re in trouble.

It’s not hidden that sex is a basic need, but the biggest fact is that it changes over time. Hence, it is extremely important to voice the concern to the partner and try working on it. Remember to consider other aspects of the relationship like understanding, emotional connect, happiness, future, love etc., before wanting to part ways with the current partner, due to bad sex. You shouldn’t regret the decision at a later stage.

Also, getting back to the former lover only because of good sex isn’t a justified act, as there would have been legit reasons for your break up. Completely overlooking all those reasons just for sex isn’t a wise decision. Make sure you weigh the consequences of your reunion in order to prevent an unfavorable situation, for you would not certainly want to end up regretting your decision.

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