Look for a positive way ahead

Everyone makes mistakes or takes bad decisions at some point of their lives. But what is important is to get out of it stronger and fight it and move ahead. This is what Samridh Seth always did in his life and motivated others to stop dwelling in their past.

His book, Past Dwellers is a self-help book which explains how one can fight the negativity in their life explained through real life experiences. We talked to him about life, experiences, career and a lot more. The past year has been difficult for many personally as well as professionally, so here is Samridh trying to give you the required motivation to get up and get going.

What inspired you to write this book?

I started writing these chapters as a note to my brothers since I saw they were fixated with their past at 16 years old. I was a little bewildered because how can someone at 16 dwell in their past when they have barely begun their journey into life. It inspired me to start to show them how to pull themselves out of it and change the way they look at the world and then I just kept writing and it eventually turned into a book.

As life has taken you to different parts of the world, which was your favourite place to live in and why?

 I don’t have a favourite place because each place has taught me a lot and has contributed to my character and who I am today so I would say each place I’ve lived in has its own beauty and each is my favourite in their own way.

2020 has been difficult for many, how did you cope up with it? And what kept you going with positivity?

Being alone for me is not a new venture, I enjoy being on my own as much as I enjoy being around people. I took this pandemic as a time to reflect, review, rejuvenate my energy and to plunge myself into learning about the world in various aspects. How to keep going positively? That’s a tough one but all I can say is that you need to latch on to something to keep yourself focussed on that, for me it was learning and sharing my learning.

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