‘Look at a team like a family’

Until about two or three decades ago, marketing was quite a lot of advertising-led push strategy. However, today it’s a whole new ball game. Christopher Roberts, Managing Director, Engaged Strategy & creator of the Total Engagement Model® is known for helping brands create the right strategies and help them become the best in their business. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about his journey, teamwork and marketing strategy.

Tell us about your journey as a brand strategist and CX Expert, where did it all begin?

Even as a child growing up in Mumbai, I was exposed to the way my grandmother compartmentalised her purchases. For specific products, she always went to the grocer who specialised in the sale of such material. In other words, back even in those times, the customer experience and value proposition were key considerations. And this stayed with me. However, there were two critically defining episodes that empowered me as a Brand Interventionist and CX Expert.

The learnings from several experiences over all these years have helped me turn around brands and grow them to become the best in their categories. This is because it is not a logo or a tagline that define a brand, but its entire personality. The culture, its vision, and its staff and customers – all need to come together to create a cohesive powerhouse called a brand.

What is the Total Engagement Model® all about? How does it benefit any business?

The Total Engagement Model® is a proprietary tool that I built to help unleash potential in organisations and individuals. The Total Engagement Model® helps our clients align who they are (which is the culture that they have within their organisation), what they do (the customer experience that they offer) and what they say (brand communication).

So, let’s say a brand has a uniquely defined customer value proposition. However, if it only communicates this value proposition via its brand communication but does not offer the same experience to its customers or offers a poor customer experience, it results in negative word of mouth. When this happens, the organisation not only loses its brand value, but also suffers economically via a drop in market share.

Hence, for brands that we consult, we provide an end-to-end service, which includes strategy development, research and analysis, and most importantly, implementation of recommended strategies. Apart from helping organisations understand their CX or NPS® score, I also help them develop a strong unique value proposition, and personally train corporate leadership, upskill teams in detractor management and in the creation of customer promoters to help them build a formidable brand.

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