Lens Man

Having many glamorous projects to his credit, Gaurav Sethi, needs no introduction! A highly renowned and successful photographer, Gaurav stayed true to his roots and established his base in his hometown of Ludhiana. Gaurav Sethi is not only a household name in Punjab due to his elite clientele of –  Hero Cycles, Aarti Steels, Supreme, Oswals, and Cremica; but he is also the face of commercial photography, thanks to his special campaigns with the big sharks and the likes of Radisson, Hyatt, ITC, Maharaja Group, GQ Magazine, and Chandigarh International Airport. He is not only a freelancer for the Discovery Channel, but also the official photographer for Punjab Tourism! If this wasn’t enough to pique our curiosity about him, a little birdie also told us all about the workshops he attended at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. With more than 18 years of experience in photography, Gaurav Sethi has raised the competition in the industry!

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