Leading growth and delivering jubilant promises

Jubilee Group rises to become a force to be reckoned with in the region’s real-estate market by taking on thoughtfully curated landmark projects

Amolak Singh Grewal

Breaking into any industry with established standards and players is not easy, especially with cut-throat and large-scale competition that is growing with every passing day. The Jubilee Group however, is not here to compete with anyone in particular. The company rather sees the vast landscape of real estate in the region as something it does not want to wrestle into.

The mission is clear – to facilitate the development of quality real estate that empowers the populace towards a better future. Jubilee Group is not an old brand with established repute, and even though every company aspires to be number one, it is perhaps only Jubilee Group who can proudly claim zero litigation despite four projects of which one has already been delivered. It is this level of customer satisfaction and project quality that the company strives for.

Strengthening this claim is a value that strongly defines the company and is deeply embedded in its thoughts is the dogma that buildings are not simply physical structures but are meant to be living spaces that nurture, stimulate and inspire every individual who is a stakeholder in them – whether a resident, an investor or even a visitor. The result is a radical concept of creating structures that are focused towards people, personifying a meaningful purpose of development that thoughtfully and efficiently utilizes the spaces they hold.

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