LC Mittal

Director, Motia Group

About Him: The determined efforts of Mr. LC Mittal have built Motia Group’s reputation on the benchmarks of quality standards, rock solid values and uncompromising business ethos. It is on the values of customer-centric approach, robust engineering and transparency in all spheres of conducting business that he has today established Motia Group as one of the most preferred real estate names in North India.

About the Group: Reckoned to be one of the best real estate developers in the North region, the Motia Group brings premium residential options with modern amenities and Commercial properties with a difference. From conceptualization to design to the implementation, Motia Group’s projects always strive for perfection and excellence. It is a young and contemporary real estate company with an objective to create industry milestones.

How would you define your experience of working in the real estate sector? How did it all start?

The thing that really inspired me to enter the real estate sector was the understanding of the need for houses, how so many people dream of owning a house and earn for a lifetime to turn that dream into a reality. Housing is one such sector that will always be in demand, no matter what. My journey started with real estate almost 15 years back. Hailing from Samana in Punjab and coming from a business family, I always wanted to begin my own business. After trying my luck in multiple businesses such as paddy supplying and clothing, my stint with real estate began in the year 2005. We started with a residential project, Motia Heights and a commercial mall in Baddi. The drive to deliver people with quality homes has today made Motia Group a name to reckon with in the real estate market of Punjab region.

What has been your success mantra for all this while?

We believe in delivering superior quality as per the customer satisfaction. I think until and unless the customer is satisfied, a company can never progress. They are the unbiased representatives of any company.

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