Photo Essay

KittyVIIersary: 7 years of Kitty Su Chandigarh

Kitty Su has always been an extraordinary idea, a vision that seemed far-fetched, but as we know a new way of life emerged as the destination spread its wings across cities and into people’s hearts. Over the years Kitty Su has come to mean a lot more to its patrons – it is a celebration of spirit, a movement, and an emotion for the various intersectional communities, like LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, acid attack survivors etc. It revolutionized the nightlife scene in India, elevated the idea of entertainment and most importantly, it brought change into our society, to the way we as individuals saw each other and ourselves.

The sophisticated elegance of Kitty Su became a beacon to which all kinds of people—drag queens, trans folks and differently abled musicians and artists. The one thing this destination screamed louder than the music was it being a safe space. It has been the after party central and the torch bearer for being the most inclusive club for the past seven years and will continue to be so.

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