Cover Story

Joban Sandhu

Makeup Artist & Founder of KOHLEYESbyJ

Why being a ‘WOMAN’ is so special and unique to you?

WHY NOT? I love being a woman even in a man’s world. After all men can’t wear dresses but women can wear pants! Being a woman is a blessing. It’s a woman who brings another woman to this beautiful world. Our generation is so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. We weren’t created to do everything men can do. We were created to do everything a man can’t do!! Be a fiercely independent and utterly charming type of woman.

According to you, which struggles do women face and not men? And, what should change about that?

Travelling alone late at night or early in the morning is a risky task for women everywhere. The only one thing that needs to be changed is people’s mentality! People need to understand that no profession is big or small as long as you are doing your best through it. I’ve survived because of the fire inside me that burns brighter than the fire around me. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

How do you inspire other women to do better in their lives?

I want to do so much good that women automatically get inspired. I’ve always been a very easy-going and careless person during my school and college life. I never thought I’ll take life seriously the way I’m taking it now. So never underestimate yourself and never ever let anyone tell you that you are not good. You are your own best competition! If you are doing better than your past then you are definitely on the right track! No matter what you do, no matter how many times you make mistakes and think to yourself “there’s no point in carrying on”, just don’t quit! Yesterday you said tomorrow, so make today count!

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