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IVF – a ray of hope for parenthood

 By Dr Preeti Jindal

Parenthood comes naturally to most couples, but at times, it may be challenging to achieve. Expert assistance can be invaluable in helping these couples have a baby. Nowadays, with delayed childbearing, sedentary lifestyles, inappropriate eating habits, and stress, infertility is on the rise.

IVF, or Test Tube Baby, represents an advanced fertility treatment. This procedure entails the retrieval of eggs from a woman’s ovaries and their fertilization with her partner’s sperm within a laboratory setting. Subsequently, the resulting embryo is carefully transferred into her uterus, where it can develop and grow into a baby.

The success rate of IVF typically ranges from 15% to 40%, and it varies based on several factors, including maternal age, egg reserve, egg quality, sperm quality, and any previous failures. It’s important to note that IVF success tends to decrease with age, making it more advisable to pursue the procedure at a younger age. For instance, the success rate for IVF at the age of 45 is approximately 10%, whereas it’s around 35% at the age of 35.

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