It’s not just furniture, it’s art – Nivasa

With a knack for design and furniture since she was a child, Saba Kapoor, Co-founder & designer, Nivasa, says that it has always been a part of her DNA. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about her journey and how she at Nivasa incorporates Indian crafts in a modern way.

What sparked your interest in the world of furniture?

Design and furniture making is in my DNA, even when I went on vacations as a child, I would always notice good design around me, be it intricate door details at a hotel in Paris or being enamored by great interiors at a restaurant. In fact, in class one, I had a project where I had to make a model. I went to my dad’s factory and actually made a wooden horse stable. I truly love making things by hand, which people can use and appreciate in their spaces.

Once I completed my undergrad, I went on to do my master’s at Parsons and there I did interior design as well as product design. I love that in America, the teaching style is very hands-on. I learned a lot of software, I learned measurements, I learned how to weld, and I also learned woodworking. Thereafter, I came back to India, and I started working in Nivasa, and then began working towards the launch of Nivasa Contemporary. Previously, Nivasa used to reinvent classic furniture, which we still do, but we went on to add a more contemporary line that was started about in October 2016.

What does Women’s Day mean to you?

To me Women’s Day is a reminder to continue to support and empower women. What I truly believe is that it’s important to incorporate more and more women into the workforce, and that’s going to really enhance what the new India truly is. We started doing that at Nivasa. Our top management is mostly women. Even at the factory level, especially post Mr. Modi’s Independence Day speech, which motivated us to start this program where we’re reaching out to women and getting them into our factory. We got a few who are ready to work with us part time in our upholstery department and we just want to try to continue to enhance that. 

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