Innovations in Bridal Couture

Changing face of wedding fashion in India

Surabhi Chopra, Founder of Surabhi Chopra Label shares her insights on the changing face of bridal couture in India.

Bridal couture and wedding fashion in India have undergone a metamorphosis, especially in the past few years. Characterized by a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, personalization and inclusivity, and a shift toward sustainability, bridal couture today offers an array of patterns, fabrics, colours, fits and silhouettes for the brides and the bridal party.  As brides embrace their individuality, the designers continue to push creative boundaries to cater to a new generation of fashion-forward brides.

Here are a few silos that have witnessed innovation and experimentation in bridal couture –

Textile Experimentation: India is home to hundreds of different textiles be it handwoven, handprinted, handed or hand embroidered. These rich, opulent fabrics have always been a part of the bridal fashion. Designers today are increasingly experimenting with textiles, blending traditional fabrics with contemporary materials. Silk, organza, velvet, and even unconventional materials like neoprene and laser-cut fabrics are being used to create unique bridal ensembles. Textile experimentation in Indian bridal couture has departed from conventional norms. Such innovation results in bridal wear that seamlessly blends heritage with innovation. Velvet and silk are adorned with 3D embroideries and sequins, adding depth and opulence to the garment. This textile evolution has redefined bridal fashion, offering brides a diverse range of luxurious options.

Hand embroidery: There are hardly any more countries as rich as India when it comes to hand embroidery. They have been integral to bride fashion translating tales’ beadwork, zari, sequin, threadworm and so much more! Pushing for innovation, bridal fashion now also witnesses embellishments like 3D embroidery, sequin layering, and even incorporating unconventional elements like feathers, crystals, and mirrors to create breathtakingly detailed outfits. Saying true to the magic of hand embroidery and the skills of our artisans and incorporating this with new-age embellishments and techniques, bridal fashion today with embroideries and surface ornamentation not only pays homage to traditional craftsmanship but also signifies a contemporary outlook on bridal fashion.

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