I thrive to learn something new

It is always amazing to follow your dreams and do what you are passionate about. This is what Aanchal Punchhi believed in when she started with De Chokcolat. A psychologist by profession, her love for art attracted her towards making edible art in the form of her cakes and bakes. Urban Melange talked to her about her beliefs and inspiration and her journey of spreading sweetness all around.

Q.1 Why did you choose this line of profession for yourself? What was your inspiration?

I have been passionate about baking since the age of 12. Perhaps I first took my baby step into this field in the year 2014 while I was pursuing my master’s degree. I started cake decorating as a hobby and as a medium to make some pocket money to help underprivileged children with their studies. Professionally I am a clinical psychologist and after giving myself a chance to work in hospitals and pursue my career in my professional field I felt I wasn’t really enjoying the given job and I decided to completely shift my focus to baking as it gave me immense happiness and desire to work. Art inspires me and cake designing is a way for me to transform my vision into edible unique art.

Q.2 What helped you in being a successful entrepreneur?

Knowledge is absolutely a key, knowledge about your product, your business; I know ins and outs of my business because I have worked my way up and have done everything in my business. It’s really important to know your people because their motivation, their engagement is vitally important. It’s important to understand your customers and your market. Determination and focus helped me made my way through. Like it’s said behind a successful independent women there are open minded parents that trusted her so that stands true in my case. 

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