“I take pride in my community”

Deep-rooted values, an indomitable will and a zeal to excel is what explains the visionary approach of Gursimran Singh Billa, Director, Billco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. and H.S. Sons

A multi-faceted professional who staunchly believes in putting his best foot forward in all his endeavours, Gursimran Singh Billa is revolutionizing Billco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. and H.S. Sons with his visionary approach and wisdom. In an exclusive interview, we talk to him about his deep-rooted ethics and values, his professional experience and lots more!

Provide us with an insider’s view into your roots in Punjab?

A proud Sikh and a true disciple of Guru Gobind Singh ji, I hail from the land of Sahibzada Ajit Singh – Mohali. Whereas, my family comes from the interiors of Punjab. My family background is quite dynamic, and we have been invested in agriculture, manufacturing and politics. My grandfather was a senior departmental officer in the Irrigation Department and he moved here in the 1960s. My father entered politics and simultaneously set up a manufacturing unit in the 1980s by the name of Billco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. and later another one with the name, H.S. Sons. We manufacture and assemble tractors, combine parts and have tie-ups with major agro-equipment manufacturing companies in the country.

What do you love the most about being a part of the Sikh community?

I feel privileged to be born as a Guru’s Sikh and take pride in my community. Sikhism is all about equality and community living. It not only implies equality in financial terms but also towards underprivileged sections of society. I am proud that our religion is one of the only religions in the world that gives an equal status to women and this was recognised by our Gurus hundreds of years ago. Sikhism is based on very practical and socially forward ideas. Sikhism teaches a person to live a saintly life and at the same time, it asks its followers to learn certain kinds of martial arts so that if need be, our warrior tribe is equipped to fight against any oppression or injustice towards itself or other members of society. The three principles given by our Gurus- ‘Kirat Karo’, ‘Vand Chako’ and ‘Naam Japo’ guide me in life. As a child, I was, and still am very fond of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his ‘sakhis or stories’ inspire me.

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