How to Overcome ‘Beauty Bias’

Looking at one’s best imparts self-confidence, which is very necessary in today’s competitive career world!

Both men and women know that the appearance counts, socially and also in the workplace. Looking at one’s best imparts self-confidence, which is very necessary in today’s competitive career world. In general, there is the feeling that “beauty bias” does exist in the career world; that people react more favourably towards a good looking person; that with good looks, one has more chances of being hired at job interviews!

I believe that one of the most important aspects of personal appeal is personal hygiene. You may have attractive features and an alluring figure, but lack of personal cleanliness can put people off.  Believe me, it shows. No amount of perfume, cologne or make-up can camouflage the signs of inadequate hygiene.  Keeping clean, fresh and fragrant is something you owe, not only to yourself but to others you come in contact with. It is the basis of good health and good grooming. Clothes should be really clean and not smell of stale sweat!  The fragrance you wear to work should be subtle and not too overpowering. You also need to pay attention to details like hair removal, especially if you wear sleeveless dresses.

Grooming matters! What you wear to work depends to some extent on the organization you work for.  It may follow a culture of formal or casual wear, so dress accordingly. However, keep some aspects in mind about what to wear to work. Balance and moderation are two qualities to strive for. Secondly, your clothes should not attract attention for the wrong reasons. Be discreet about them, avoiding low necklines, tight pants (especially if you are bottom-heavy), or transparent see-through fabrics. Avoid clothes with too many details, like frills, crystals, beads, etc. Saris and “dupattas” should not come in your way. Pin them up. Fussing all the time to settle clothes detracts from personal efficiency and poise. Comfort is important, but avoid very loose clothes, which make you look as if you are lounging at home.

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