Home Remedies to Swear By

For all the women entrepreneurs out there, here’s how to keep your skin free from oil & tanning and keep it fresh!   

For the entrepreneurial women, the main problem during summer is how to stay cool, fresh and fragrant. Perspiration detracts from the cool feeling and worst of all; it can lead to body odour. Actually, bathing and scrubbing helps to clear away germs, dirt and odour. All parts of the body must be washed well, especially the neck, armpits and feet. These are the areas where germs accumulate and cause odour. Adding cologne to the bath water leaves the body cool and fragrant. Shower gels containing natural ingredients, like sandalwood, rose and khus have a cooling and refreshing effect.

Wear cotton underwear during the summer. Porous materials help sweat to evaporate. Loose, light clothing is much more appropriate and comfortable during summer. In the hot season, slippers and open sandals are best, as they allow the perspiration to evaporate.

To refresh your make-up, you need to carry a few items in your handbag. During summer, fragrant wet tissues can be most refreshing. They are easily available. Use them to cleanse the skin and remove grease and sweat. A powder compact of pressed powder is also handy. It helps to get rid of that oily look in summer. First, wipe with the tissues and then dab powder. You also need a lipstick to touch-up after lunch. Apply powder on the lips and then apply lipstick. Remember to carry a small bottle of cologne or your favourite deodorant.

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