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In today’s time it is important to unburden your mind and clear out the thoughts and talk out about your issues in a safe space. There is no shame in asking up for professional guidance to help you take the right path. Aarsh Puri, Counseling Psychologist at Thoughts n Beyond answers some common misconceptions and talks about her approach towards each client.

What was your vision behind Thoughts n Beyond? What do you aim to achieve through this?

My vision was to make mental health as important as physical well-being which should not be compromised or put on the back burner with the thought that “Theek ho jaayega apne aap”. We want to bring the awareness along with practical and healthy approaches to the willing to avail it well in time instead of letting things take a toll altogether on one’s mental health.

The aim is to enable people to take a deep dive within, understand their inner self thoroughly, know what, why and how of their own life and build the capacity to deal with it all in the best possible manner and be a better version of themselves.

According to you, what is the reason behind increasing cases of depression and anxiety in today’s time?

In old times, the elderly and wise members of the family and extended family as well as close friends acted as the Counsellors and Safe Zones to share and express one’s emotions and find the right guidance. The disintegration of joint family set up in India has led to that vacuum of being alienated emotionally as the lifestyle is highly urbanised and structure is shallow in terms of trust and building strong relationships. The spirit of competition, comparison and judgement instead of cooperation, understanding and acceptance has set in the personal as well as social realm of life today which has caused hike in anxiety, depression and stress.

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