Giving ‘Wheels’ to Wanderlust

The adorable-duo of Pardeep Gupta & Rekha from Chandigarh has given us some serious travel goals!

By: Bhavya Gaind

How would you react if your better-half asks you to go on 56 days long road trip; covering nine Indian states, 18 countries and 10 land waters in all this while? Well, while the idea might sound intriguing at the very onset, but what will follow shall be unknown fears of staying away from your family and business for such a long duration. Questions like what if the vehicle breaks down and what if the health does not sustain such grueling travel and plenty of others “What ifs?” will creep in your mind; only to make the idea a long-lost dream!

But, that was not certainly the case with Chandigarh-based businessman, Pardeep Gupta (64) and his wife, Rekha (60) who decided to take the plunge, smiling through the tears; walking towards converting their dream into a reality

“We had driven a lot in India and other parts of the world, but the mere thought of driving across multiple international borders with varying cultures, languages and driving rules really excited us fearfully. After driving for 2700 kilometers on some of the best and foulest roads; crossing 10 states of India, we reached Imphal, where we met the other 26 co-travelers. We met them for the first time, but it was easy gelling since we all had this insane passion for driving and each one of us wanted to prove to one own self on how far can we go!,” says Mr. Pardeep with a satisfied smile on his face.

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