Get adventurous with Jumpin Heights

It is not easy for everyone to come forth and face their fears, but when the facilities like Jumpin Heights, help you in doing it in the most secure environment, then it becomes fun. Niharika Nigam, Director, Business Development, Jumpin Heights talks to Urban Melange about her venture in the adventure sector and how she is changing the perception of people when it comes to adventure sports in India.

Talk about your journey as an entrepreneur. When and how did it begin?

I entered the adventure sector by way of my family. The project was started by my father while I was in college and I was an inaugural bungee jumper at that time. There was this understanding that I will join the family business plus it was an interesting prospect in adventure sports. I completed my master’s in marketing in the U.K, came back and officially joined in 2013. Since the very beginning, I was fond of writing and my parents were always the first readers and that motivated me as a kid. My latest book- 3…2…1… Jump, a literary travel fiction, has been inspired by the journey of our jumpers and is a product of my love for Bungee Jumping. It was a theme brewing in my mind since almost a decade now and I finally got to writing it during lockdown! I am glad to finally have it launched.

What was your vision when you started with Jumpin Heights?

While Jumpin Heights was a passion project, a stark difference from our other line of work, we didn’t know if such an extreme adventure sport is going to work in India as there is this perception that Indians cannot be trusted with safety systems. We took a calculated risk in setting up India’s first bungee jump at that time in Rishikesh as it attracted a market for rafting. The vision at that time was to throw the spotlight on the natural landscape in India and pioneer a new experience, targeted for the Indian traveller, not just foreign tourists. We wanted to create a quality at par with the best globally, something that the youth could be proud of.

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