Fusion of Tradition with Modern Lightning

With Luxaddi, a beacon of innovation in the world of luxury lighting, seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Founded by Abhishek Singhal and Shweta Singhal, Luxaddi sets new trends by merging the ancient art of glass crafting with cutting-edge aesthetics. Their commitment to personalization ensures each piece is a unique reflection of individual style.

What sets Luxaddi’s lighting pieces apart from traditional fixtures?

What sets Luxaddi apart in the world of luxury lighting is its fusion of traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. Craftsmanship at Luxaddi extends beyond the workshop and permeates the entire customer experience. The brand recognizes that true luxury lies in the ability to customise products to individual preferences. This commitment to personalization, driven by craftsmanship, ensures that each Luxaddi piece is not a mere mass-produced item but a unique expression of the client’s distinct taste and style

Could you elaborate on Luxaddi’s fusion of ancient glass crafting with modern design?

At the heart of Luxaddi’s identity lies a unique ability to capture the ethereal within the everyday. By merging the ancient art of glass crafting, dating back to fourth-century Roman glasswork, with cutting-edge design, we are setting new trends in the lighting industry.

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