From Childhood Passion to Musical Phenomenon

He embarked on a musical journey at a remarkably young age. Inspired by a live band performance he witnessed as a toddler, Sukhpall Channi’s passion for singing was ignited by that live rendition, and his family wholeheartedly supported his talent. He is a versatile artist, unbound by any particular genre. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about his unique music style, journey, and more.

What inspired you to pursue a music career, and how did your journey begin?

When I was 4-5 years old, I was at a wedding with my parents where I saw a live band performing, and I was so fascinated by watching them sing that I started to cry and yell to perform on stage. My father instead of stopping me, took me to the stage & made me sing whatever I could. Since that day, everyone in the family started to see me as a singer and always encouraged me to sing. I used to sing at the college youth festivals, and people used to appreciate me a lot. So, I was compelled to choose this as a career. Later, I planned my debut song, ’90 Degree’, Directed by Parmish Verma, Written by Veet Baljit, and Produced by White Hill Music.

How would you describe your music style and the unique elements that set you apart from the other artists in the industry?

I’m not restricted to any particular music style. All my songs are of varied genres, be it romantic, hip-hop, or pop; I can pull off any genre masterly. I’m assertive about the type of songs I do, which need to be complemented with good videos. Hence, videos are of prime focus to me, and this is what makes me a distinctive artist. My team and I always try to come up with good video concepts & execute them most finely. Apart from this, my team and I are selective about everything, which helps us set our quality control standards high.

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