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From Ambition to Achievement – Arora Landcorp

Sanchan Arora, Managing Director, Arora Landcorp is a visionary entrepreneur who steers the ship with determination and foresight. Alongside him are a group of remarkable individuals, each contributing their expertise to drive the company’s success. At the helm of the company, guiding the whole organization is The Chairman, Rajesh Arora, who embodies visionary leadership, while Rajiv Gupta, Group CEO, brings a wealth of global experience. Kamal Rekhi, Director of Sales & CRM, exemplifies resilient leadership, while Mona Sharma, Head of Govt. Sanctions, navigates complex regulatory landscapes. Architect Manjinder Singh, Head of Design, shapes the company’s aesthetic vision, and Anmol Baghla, Head of Operations & Strategy, brings an eclectic perspective. Together, this team paves the way for Arora Landcorp’s continued ascent with dedication and integrity. In conversation with Sanchan Arora, we talk about the organization’s vision, their take on sustainability and what makes them different from the rest in the industry.

Can you tell us about the foundation of Arora Landcorp and its unique approach to realty solutions?

Arora Landcorp was built on the pillars of creativity, commitment, and enthusiasm. Our approach hinges on delivering realty solutions that resonate with clients’ aspirations. We take immense pride in punctually completing projects of varying scales, attributing our success to strong leadership, meticulous planning, and a genuine passion for providing exceptional services.

Could you elaborate on how your company strives to exceed clients’ expectations and provide an aspirational lifestyle?

Our driving force is to surpass clients’ desires by crafting living spaces that reflect their wishes, needs, and emotions. We’re inspired by our clients and aim to create desirable living environments that elevate society’s lifestyle. Our projects set a high standard in the market, acting as benchmarks for quality and innovation.

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