From a 4BHK to a single-bedroom luxury

Using a space meticulously to make it a luxurious apartment has been perfectly done at this beautiful property. It has all the elements that one needs or thinks of while planning about their dream home. We take you through a journey of grandeur with the best of upholstery and design through this single-bedroom luxury in Hyderabad.

This house is what defines the word ‘opulence’. From the walk-in wardrobes to the high bar with golden chairs and expansive glass windows, everything is perfectly curated with colours full of joy. Converting a 4BHK home into a single bedroom luxury apartment requires a lot of thought and understanding to utilize the whole space creatively, not making it look too clustered or empty.

Starting with the master bedroom, one cannot miss out the brass accents and the way the walls and ceiling complement each other. Two bedrooms were combined to create this spacious master bedroom and the walk-in closets. The colour palette used in the interiors of the house is mixed with a unique colour named, oxblood colour which adds on to the funky luxurious vibe of the place. The bedroom is connected to two separate his and hers walk-in wardrobe which are designed seamlessly with a designated space for everything. Dark tones of wood have been used for the built-in wardrobes and statement pieces of furniture which provide sharp contrast to the beige Italian marble flooring.

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