Fostering Global Unity through Cultural Exchange

Poonam Nautiyal, Marketing Manager, Tourism Malaysia – North & East India, Nepal & Bhutan, talks about the captivating world of tourism and marketing as she shares her journey, insights, and aspirations in shaping Malaysia as a preferred travel destination. Delve into her experiences, challenges, and visionary strategies that promote cultural exchange, gender diversity, and unforgettable travel experiences.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the tourism industry?

I’ve always enjoyed travelling, and I wanted to do something to make fellow travelers’ trips more memorable. That is what motivated me to pursue a career in the tourism sector. A profession in tourism allows you to explore different cultures and contribute to economic prosperity while also providing unique experiences for others.

Could you share some highlights from your journey leading up to your current role, emphasizing key achievements or experiences?

I began my career working with immigration at the Malaysia High Commission and the British High Commission, where I dealt with numerous crucial circumstances involving the public and working under pressure, and I realized how vital it is to remain calm and find solutions rather than focusing on the problem. Tourism is a diverse vertical that allows you to manage a variety of projects and sometimes work on many projects at once. These types of opportunities have allowed me to learn a lot and interact with a variety of high-profile people in our tourism industry. I have also received internal promotions in the same organization as a result of my hard work, capacity to handle any situation, and willingness to work under pressure with zeal and enthusiasm.

What strategies do you employ to promote Malaysia as a preferred travel destination, especially among Indian travelers?

We will continue to promote Malaysia through collaboration with airlines, travel agencies, and OTAs, participation in trade fairs and conferences, and organizing our own roadshows in various cities to connect with the travel fraternity and maintain market presence. We will also focus to collaborate with social media influencers, print media, travel agents by hosting familiarization trips to highlight new products and unexplored destinations in Malaysia. We will co-organize international events such as the International India Film Academy (IIFA) Awards 2024 in Malaysia, providing a significant platform for Malaysia to present itself at the most prominent event in the Bollywood industry.

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