“For me tricity is a blessing”

For a family which has been in jewellery business for more than seven generations, Anil Talwar from Talwarsonss Jewellers has grown his own niche in this beautiful city Chandigarh. He has been a very active member of various national organizations connected with the jewellery trade. In a conversation with Nikita Agarwal he talks about his journey and challenges of the industry and more.

What made you join the jewellery industry?

My family has been in jewellery business for more than a century now and I believe the family must be among the 40 – 50 oldest jeweller families of India. My father and his two brothers shifted to Chandigarh in 1954 from a town Gardiwala in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab. It has been 67 years that we have been in the city with our jewellery business. I personally started coming to work in the year 1977/78 after completing my schooling from St John High School. Our class 10th ICSE papers used to be in November and colleges in Chandigarh used to start in the months of June/July and we had 6/7 months before college started. During this time, I went to stay with my father’s friend Mr. Kapoor in Mumbai who was into Diamond Business. I went there as I was always intrigued to know how diamonds and diamond jewellery was made and wanted to explore his manufacturing unit. My interest in jewellery started from there. I was very impatient and wanted to get into business while I was young, so I started going to the shop regularly when I was around 16/17 years of age and did my college along with it.

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